Compare Caribbean Blue Scrubs side by side. Each brand

Caribbean Blue Nursing Scrubs

Caribbean Blue Scrubs

  • Landau
  • Landau ScrubZone
  • Cherokee WorkWear
  • Grey’s Anatomy

has a little different color so make sure to look at the color swatches. Grey’s Anatomy actually calls their version Bahama.

There are V-Neck scrubs tops, button front scrubs tops and unisex scrubs tops all available in Caribbean Blue.

Keep in mind that each dye lot they use can vary a little, but it probably won’t be enough for you to even notice the difference. The computer, mobile phone or portable device screen you use to look at the colors can cause some minor variations too.

Correct spelling and common misspellings:

  • Caribbean blue scrubs (correct)
  • Caribean blue scrubs
  • Carribean blue scrubs
  • Carribbean blue scrubs

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